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Enrollment FAQ's

Alta Public Schools will have public enrollment in August-September, and December-January each year. The Board of Directors will set admission application deadlines for each enrollment period on an annual basis.

There are no conditions for enrollment.

Parents of students shall who have been selected for admission should:

  • Attend an Orientation Meeting
  • Complete and submit a Written Application by the appropriate deadline
  • Sign and acknowledgement of Parent Expectations
  • Submit Proof of Immunizations
  • Complete a Home Language Survey
  • Complete an Emergency Medical Information Form

Applications will be accepted during the open enrollment period in August and March of each year. Applications for prospective students will be available at the main Office. Applications received after the open enrollment period and lottery date will be placed at the bottom of the wait list, in the order in which they were received. When an opening occurs, applicants are notified to schedule completion of the application procedure that includes an orientation and family conference. Alta Public Schools has the right to refuse admission to any child whose birth date falls outside the minimum age requirement in each grade level. Any information that is misrepresented on the Application for Admission could invalidate the child’s enrollment.

If there are more applications than there are spaces available in any grade level, the school will hold a lottery at the completion of the open enrollment period.

The school will contact every applicant on the prior year wait list to determine their interest in keeping their enrollment application active. Those who confirm their interest by completing a new application will be exempt from participating in the new lottery and will be placed on the waiting list in the order they had before if they did not draw a place in the school. Applicants who do not confirm their interest within the established deadline will be permanently removed from the wait list.

At a given date at the end of the enrollment period, a public random lottery will be held to draw names to fill available spaces in the school. Names on interested students will be drawn and given a place in the following school year.

Priority categories are assigned to prospective students as follows:

  1. Existing students
  2. New applicants residing in LAUSD