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How to Enroll

Alta Public Schools will have open enrollment in November-December each year. The Board of Directors will set admission application deadlines for each enrollment period on an annual basis.

There are no conditions for enrollment.

Parents of students who have been selected for admission should:

  • Attend an Orientation Meeting
  • Complete a registration packet in SchoolMint
  • Submit Proof of Immunizations & other required documentation as outlined in the registration packet

Applications will be accepted during the open enrollment period of each year. Applications for prospective students can be submitted online at https://altaps.schoolmint.net/.

Applications received after the open enrollment period and lottery date will be placed at the bottom of the wait list, in the order in which they were received.

When an opening occurs, applicants are notified to schedule completion of the application procedure that includes an orientation and family conference.

Alta Public Schools has the right to refuse admission to any child whose birth date falls outside the minimum age requirement in each grade level.

Any information that is misrepresented on the Application for Admission could invalidate the child’s enrollment.