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Board of Directors
Xavier Reyes
Chief Executive Officer
Our Alta Public Schools Board of Directors (our Board) includes community members that bring various critical
skills and experience needed to fulfill our mission.

Board of Directors

Patricia Rogers, Chair, p.rogers@altaps.org - Patricia is also a corporate banker. She is currently a Vice
President / Senior Private Banker with City National Bank managing large, complex and sensitive account
relationships. Prior to her work as a Private Banker, she was a Financial Sales Officer working in business
development marketing products to existing and prospective clients. And at the same bank, she was also a
Loan Administration Officer preparing and reviewing loan documents for commercial, installment, equity and
personal lines of credit, security agreements, UCCs and other forms of collateral.
Bobbi Shimano, Secretary, b.shimano@altaps.org - Bobbi is a corporate banker. She is currently a Vice
President / Portfolio Manager with US Bank managing a portfolio of medium sized commercial clients
emphasizing on credit underwriting and relationship development. Previous to US Bank, Bobbi worked as a
Relationship Manager at Comerica, Union and Community Bank.  Bobbi is a social entrepreneur investing in
social and charity work.
Ricardo Ortega, Treasurer, r.ortega@altaps.org - Ricardo is our elected Parent Representative on the APS
Board of Directors. Professionally, Ricardo is a Technical Architect for ATT Services Inc. He plans and designs
Storage Area Networks as well as conducting Quality Assurance for ATT proprietary applications. He has
worked with SBC as a Maintenance and Support Sr. Systems Analyst. He also serves as a Board member for
his homeowner’s association and is a Board member for the Academia Moderna School Site Council.
Jesse Pelayo, Member, j.pelayo@altaps.org - Jesse is a business entrepreneur and educator. He is the
Founder and President of a large chain of bookstores serving the Southern California area. Part of the goal of his
15 bookstores is to provide low-priced books to all communities in need. In addition to books, Jesse provides
literacy programs in his bookstores. In addition to being and businessman, he is also a teacher and Technology
Advisor with the Los Angeles Unified School District. He currently supports principals and teachers on the use of
technology. He oversees the development of technology infused lessons for individual schools within the LAUSD.
Greg Tanner, Member, g.tanner@altaps.org - Greg is a lawyer and has practiced law in the Los Angeles area
since 1990. Greg graduated with a liberal arts degree from San Francisco State University in 1983 and later
attended law school at San Joaquin College of Law in Fresno, California where he received his JD in June 1990.
During the 1990's, Greg principally represented plaintiffs in labor and employment, general litigation, and
workers’ compensation matters. Since 2000, Greg’s law practice has focused on workers’ compensation
defense representing insurance carriers, third-party administrators and self-insured private and public employers,
and also Labor and Employment law. Greg’s memberships include the California State Bar Association, Los
Angeles County Bar Association, the United States Central and Eastern District Courts and the United States
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Apart from law, Greg is an avid photographer and enjoys literature and writing.
Rita Assaf, Member, r.assaf@altaps.org
Xavier Reyes, Founder and Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Reyes previously served at the California Charter Schools Association as the Director of School Development and Outreach. In his capacity at the CCSA, he created and administered a statewide program called Charter Launch that trained and assisted charter school development teams to start their schools in San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Bernardino and Oakland. Before his tenure at CCSA, Mr. Reyes worked at the LAUSD as a New Facilities Outreach Organizer concentrating in the South and Southeast part of LAUSD as part of a new schools development team. He also has over fifteen years of marketing and business development management experience.
Management Staff
Barry Baxter, APS Superintendent of Instruction. Barry is a life-long educator. As the administrator and educational leader of Academia Moderna and Prepa Tec he was able to achieve an 86-point API gain in 2012, making Academia Moderna the LAUSD elementary school with the highest API gain that year. Barry has also been instrumental in implementing the plan for Prepa Tec. LA, our middle school, which emphasizes a STEM-embedded approach to the IBMYP learning, which includes school-wide technology education. Previous to APS, Barry served as an Administrator and educator with traditional and charter schools in the Los Angeles area.
Board of Directors
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